The 90 Day Plan That Will Change Your Life

October 28, 2014 in Lifestyle by James L. Paris Joel Fotinos, author of My Life Contract, joined Jim for the hour. Fotinos is a follower of the Napoleon Hill Think And Grow Rich teachings. His book takes the concept and puts it into a 90 day planner. How to overcome your fears, reach your goals, and change your life, in just 90 days. Full Article [...]

The End Of Cash? IRS Confiscating Accounts Of Cash Businesses

October 28, 2014 in Business, News by James L. Paris Jim discusses the shocking New York Times story of the IRS confiscating the bank accounts of cash businesses, California woman stabbed to death in front of children in dispute over parking space, pastor fakes death and becomes cage fighter, woman escapes ATM attack with panic button alarm, radio talk show host Warren Ballentine convicted of mortgage fraud, Ferguson Missouri a tinder box as Grand Jury decision is imminent, and how one nurse earned more than $600,000 Full Article [...]

Double Your Financial “Power” in Retirement by Working While You Save

October 28, 2014 in Finance by James L. Paris

Tom Sightings has written a great piece for the online version of U.S. News & World Report that details both retirees’ typically most substantial expenses, as well as some ways to limit each. There’s actually a lot of good information inside of what is a relatively brief piece; to what is surely no one’s surprise, expenses like housing, health care, and taxes make the list. It is, of course, a great idea to limit one’s expenses in retirement whenever possible, but the reality is that Full Article [...]

When Paying Off Credit Cards, It’s Tough to Beat the “Lowest Balance” Approach

October 28, 2014 in Finance by James L. Paris

These days, it’s hardly out of the ordinary for people to carry significant credit card balances. It’s not necessarily due to self-indulgent, carefree living or anything like that, but, rather, because of just how difficult it is to get by these days, in a world still characterized by economic malaise, to include rampant underemployment, which, in many respects, is worse than the outright unemployment problem plaguing the nation. One such person recently asked for my thoughts on just how to get Full Article [...]

4 Reasons To Get A Business Credit Card

October 28, 2014 in Business, Fiction by James L. Paris

Even if you operate a very small home business, there are some good reasons to consider getting a business credit card. 1. Establishing credit for your business is an important milestone that might really pay off down the road. Whether it is taking the step to lease your first office space, or apply for terms with a supplier, your business credit will become a valuable asset. 2. Having a business credit card gives you a simple way of segregating your business and personal expenses. 3. Business Full Article [...]

Radio Host Faces 30 Years In Prison For Mortgage Scam

October 28, 2014 in News, Real Estate by James L. Paris

He called himself the 'People's Lawyer' and claimed that his nationally syndicated radio show had 3 million listeners. His name is Warren Ballentine, and it took a jury less than 90 minutes today to convict him on six counts related to a $10 million dollar mortgage scam.  Ballentine was not expecting a guilty verdict. Reports are that he was calling this vindication week, and both he and his 35,000 Facebook followers expected an acquittal. The allegations against Ballentine were that he used Full Article [...]

7 Airfare Alert Services That Hunt For Cheap Plane Tickets 24/7

October 28, 2014 in Travel by James L. Paris

One of my favorite ways to find cheap plane tickets is to set a 24/7 alert at an airfare deal monitoring site. These services are amazing and every so often you can even jump on a 'mistake' airfare. You have no doubt heard the stories where the airline accidentally sold a ticket for $20 that was supposed to be $200; the people that get these deals are usually set up with 24/7 airfare monitoring. It is free to set up these alerts, and there are a number of different sites with a wide array of features Full Article [...]

Georgia Woman Loses Home Over $94.85

October 28, 2014 in News by James L. Paris

CBS Atlanta is reporting that a woman lost her condo to auction over an unpaid tax bill in the amount of $94.85. The woman, Xui Lui, says she never received any of the notices of the unpaid tax or the anouncement of the auction of her home. It turns out that the city of Norcoss, GA was using an incomplete address. This, in turn, led to the letters being returned to the city's office as 'undeliverable.' Reports are that the letters did not even include a street name. The city apparently had no procedure Full Article [...]

What Would You Invest In?

October 27, 2014 in Marriage, Personal Growth by improve-your-life

What would you invest in?  if you had $1000 to invest, where would you turn to get advice about your options. Would you go to the president of the bank? Your paperboy? Or Warren Buffet? Sure you jest, you’re thinking. Of course you would go to someone who has successfully navigated investing to get information on how to best use your money. After all, if they’ve made money following their own advice, you would think that it would be likely that you also would be successful and make money, too. If Full Article [...]

Weird Trick Can Put Your eBook On The Top Of Amazon’s Search Results

October 23, 2014 in Books, Business by James L. Paris

Many first time eBook authors spend little time doing advance research on their topic prior to writing their book. Why spend the time writing even a short eBook unless you know in advance that there is a demand for it? Well, this is one of those sound bites that is great to use if you are teaching an eBook workshop, but not always easy to follow through on. It can be difficult to determine how popular a topic really is at Amazon, and then there is the issue of competition. Even if you select a Full Article [...]