Weird Trick Can Put Your eBook On The Top Of Amazon’s Search Results

October 23, 2014 in Books, Business by James L. Paris

Many first time eBook authors spend little time doing advance research on their topic prior to writing their book. Why spend the time writing even a short eBook unless you know in advance that there is a demand for it? Well, this is one of those sound bites that is great to use if you are teaching an eBook workshop, but not always easy to follow through on. It can be difficult to determine how popular a topic really is at Amazon, and then there is the issue of competition. Even if you select a Full Article [...]

Domain Investor Draws Ire For Asking Price Of $150,000

October 23, 2014 in Health & Fitness, Medical, News by James L. Paris

Jon Schultz bought the domain name for $13,500 in 2008. Now, Schultz is offering the domain for sale for $150,000. Many are downright angry at Schultz for what they consider to be 'profiting from a disease.' Reports are that Schultz owns quite a few disease inspired domains, including and  I heard one news anchor even suggest that the government should just take away his domain. Of course, the idea of buying domain names and holding them as an investment Full Article [...]

Prison Nurse Earns $630,000 In Overtime Pay

October 23, 2014 in Careers, News by James L. Paris

Well, you know all of those articles that you read that say nursing is a good profession to go into? It turns out that they are right. Her name is Mercy Matthews, and USA Today is reporting that she owns a home worth nearly a half million dollars, and during the most recent five years was paid $630,000 for overtime. She is a nurse at the Bedford Hills Correctional Facility For Women. The New York Department Of Corrections has refused to answer questions about the details of Matthews' enormous Full Article [...]

$25 Unlimited Talk, Text, And Data – Cell Phone Deal

October 23, 2014 in Finance, Technology by James L. Paris

Republic Wireless is probably one of those cell phone companies you have never heard of. They are really growing in popularity among those looking for a bargain cell phone. What makes them unique is that their phones use both the Sprint Network and WiFi (when available). They even have a $5 WiFi only phone plan.  There is quite a lot of buzz right now about their 3G plus WiFi unlimited text, data, and calling plan for just $25. You do have to buy one of their phones, which start at $99. There Full Article [...]

How To Protect Yourself From Counterfeit Money

October 23, 2014 in Finance, News by James L. Paris

The problem of counterfeit money is on the rise. Of course, with today's computer technology and color printers, the process has become much easier for criminals. In 2013 the Secret Service recovered more than $150 million dollars in fake bills.  What Happens If You Get Caught Passing Counterfeit Money? It can really happen to anyone. How many of us take the time to check the money we receive from our bank or our change when we make a purchase? Being caught with fake money in your possession Full Article [...]

Vincent Price – His Biggest Financial Horror Story

October 23, 2014 in Finance, News by James L. Paris

I thought it might be timely to share an interesting story about legendary horror actor Vincent Price.  Price may be best known in pop culture for his participation in Michael Jackson's Thriller recording and video. He was offered the option of $20,000 or a percentage of the royalties (Source: Price took the cash and forfeited any future financial participation. Little did he know that he would have earned millions, as Thriller would become the bestselling album of all time.    James Full Article [...]

Become A Premium Member – Get $175 In Bonuses

October 23, 2014 in Finance by James L. Paris

For those that like, you will absolutely LOVE ChristianMoneyPlus, our premuim content service. Members can send me unlimited questions through the member dashboard, plus you get our member's only newsletter and content throughout the year. Grab a one year subscription and get all of the bonus items below.  Our biggest offer ever! Membership Includes Unlimited Direct/Private Q and A With Jim Paris  Click Here To Subscribe Today And Join The ChristianMoneyPlus Family  Your Full Article [...]

Russ Baker – Bush Family Of Secrets And JFK Assassination

October 23, 2014 in Books, News by James L. Paris On this episode Jim welcomes special guest Russ Baker, author of Family Of Secrets. Baker shares the history of the Bush family going back more than 100 years. Their intriguing connections to the financial and political elite and how it led to the election of two Bush family members to the presidency. Baker also weighs in on the JFK assassination and more. Russ Baker website Full Article [...]

Dead Pastor Embezzled Millions. After Coming Back From The Dead He Becomes A Cage Fighter.

October 23, 2014 in News by James L. Paris

It may be one of the most bizarre stories of white collar crime I have ever read. His name is Aubrey Price and he will be sentenced next week for bank, wire, and securities fraud. It is a familiar theme, a pastor that has figured out how to beat the stock market. Price, a former pastor turned investment guru in 2009, raised $50 million dollars from investors. The story seems simple enough. He was unable to generate the returns he promised, and rather than admit to the poor results, he cooked the Full Article [...]

When Can A $5 Toll Cost You $20?

October 23, 2014 in News by James L. Paris

Shocking new scam that the major rental car companies are engaged in. If you will be renting a car and driving on toll roads, watch out for enormous charges. Jim tells you what to do to protect yourself and why government agencies are now getting involved to stop this scam. Click Here For Audio Clip  Full Article [...]