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Deer Antler Spray

September 23, 1979 in Uncategorized by SV

Yesteryear's huckster, promoting snake-oil and other odd elixirs, hasbeen exchanged by a mostly unregulated, multibillion- money industry in supplements and herbal solutions. Some people use deer velvet to increase quantities of specified gender hormones (estrogen and testosterone), improve fertility, boost curiosity about intercourse (as an aphrodisiac), and address male sexual performance problems (erection dysfunction, ED). This spins up: " Sales Director at Antler Plants, Eric Knight reports Full Article [...]

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From Rubbing On Our Small Trees howto Preserve Deer

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The breeze swirled, my aroma must be wasting down into the bedding section of some deer near a season food piece that is late. One of the deer's chemical components - spray - IGF1, or insulin- like factor - can't be detected in the checks dictated Treatment Plan and by the game's Shared Drug Prevention. IGF1 is recognized as a -enhancement, and reported that it is used-to mediate human growth hormone in the body's degree. Dollars use these nutrient beds July and maybe even in to early September, Full Article [...]