Wayne Allyn Root – The Power Of Relentless

August 25, 2015 in Business, Finance, Politics by James L. Paris

Businessman, former Libertarian candidate for vice president, and author, Wayne Allyn Root shares his personal secrets of sucess. He takes us through his amazing career including being a sports betting expert, former TV news anchor, motivational speaker, and more. Root shares a down to earth approach that he says motivates him to succeed every day. Root also shares how he motivates his children to achieve their goals, how he stays on top of his game with fitness and supplments, and how he stays Full Article [...]

Stock Market Collapse And The Shemitah

August 25, 2015 in Business, News, Politics by James L. Paris

On this episode Jim discusses the latest stock market drop, the Shemitah, and economic factors influencing the markets. Subway’s Jared facing more than 10 years in prison, finding a great hotel deal without using the Internet, and the Ashley Madison fallout.

Autism And Vaccines

August 18, 2015 in Insurance, Medical, News by James L. Paris

Jon E Mica, author of The Autistic Holocaust and father of an autistic son, speaks out on the connection between autism and vaccines. Also discussed, the protection from lawsuits that pharmaceutical companies enjoy, special 'vaccine courts' that have paid damage awards in the billions of dollars, and California's new law making vaccines mandatory. Stressing that autism is a major public health crisis of unequaled proportions, this book accuses the federal government of refusing to acknowledge it Full Article [...]

Trump Gets Specific – Biden And Gore About To Jump In?

August 18, 2015 in News, Politics by James L. Paris

On this episode Jim discusses Donald Trump’s new proposal on immigration reform and rumors of Joe Biden and Al Gore getting into the race. New report says AT&T close ally of U.S. government in bulk collection of records and spying on Americans, and Governor John Kasich suggests path to citizenship for illegals.

by Lon

Marriage Tips 4Life, #103 Bypass, Left Behind

August 16, 2015 in Christian Living, Marriage, Personal Growth, Relationships by Lon

The word Bypass is an interesting one. We are not talking highway bypass or heart bypass or desert bypass or even a sale at the mall that you need to bypass. We are in fact talking about information…information that gets left out of what you are trying to learn, understand or just keep up with in order to have a good, happy and successful marriage. These days in order to keep up and understand the happenings of your daily routines of married life, a lot of information goes in to a bypass mode and Full Article [...]