Bullying In The Workplace – Author Glory Borgeson Joins Jim Paris Live

July 28, 2015 in Careers, Personal Growth by James L. Paris

Author, business consultant, and speaker, Glory Borgeson joins Jim Paris Live to discuss her new book, Not All Bulliles Yell And Throw Things - How To Survive A Subtle Workplace Bully. How to recognize a bully, how to react to a bully, deciding whether or not to confront a bully, and knowing when it makes sense to report a bully to management. Glory also shared some tips on health and nutrition from her book How I Changed My Diet, Lost Weight, & Gained Health: and You Can, Too! Full Article [...]

Is The IRS Watching You On Facebook?

February 18, 2015 in Business, Careers, Finance, News by James L. Paris

IRS problem solver, Dan Pilla, joins us to discuss his new book - How To Win Your Tax Audit. Pilla shares shocking new information about how to protect yourself from a myriad of new tax related scams. How the IRS is going high tech and collecting more information on you than ever before. Are profits on Bitcoin taxable? Should you use software or one of the national tax preparation services? What about audit chances for those operating a small business? Offshore bank accounts and the IRS, and how Full Article [...]

Making Extra Money with “Retail Arbitrage”

February 7, 2015 in Careers, Finance by James L. Paris

If your current financial circumstances are leaving you in need of a little more dough to help make life easier for you and your family, but the idea of taking a second…or third…job is most unappealing, one option you might want to consider is something called “retail arbitrage.” The term arbitrage is used most typically in connection with formal investing, but the word, at its core, simply refers to the practice of exploiting the difference in price among different markets of a particular Full Article [...]

These Toys Bought For $76.85 Will Be Sold For More Than $300

January 5, 2015 in Careers, Finance by James L. Paris

Many of you are aware of the course I have been teaching on Amazon Flipping. I have a series of other articles available on this topic as well (see below). Amazon Flipping: A Weird New Way People Are Making Money Online Finding Items To Resell - Amazon Flipping Update Amazon Flipping: Deciding What Items To Sell on eBay Instead Planning To Pocket $500 On My First Amazon FBA Shipment Saving Time By Using A Desktop Scanner Device I bought all of these toys pictured above for a grand Full Article [...]

Finding Items To Resell – Amazon Flipping Update

December 13, 2014 in Careers, Finance, News by James L. Paris

Well, I have to tell you that this whole situation has taken on a life of its own. I started all of this as research for an article. Next, that turned into a four hour course, and now I am finding stuff to sell almost everywhere I go. To be honest with you, it has really become very fun. Maybe I will get tired of the scavenger hunt at some point, but for now it is like a never ending adventure. The amazing thing is that the more I go out looking for things to sell, the easier it gets. I am even Full Article [...]