Mr. Funderburk Meets 5A

March 16, 2015 in Books, Christian Living, Education, Family, Fiction, Humor, Parenting by Terry C. Markoff

My first book, Mr. Funderburk Meets 5A, a story about a teacher and the odd assortment of characters in his class, was just published by Booklogix late last week.  It can be ordered by going through Amazon, Booklogix, from Terry Markoff via Facebook, my email, or by texting me directly.  My text # is 9729482304.  My email address is  or make a friend request of me on Facebook.  I can send books cheaper than if they are ordered through Amazon.  I also am available to make Full Article [...]

4 Reasons To Get A Business Credit Card

October 28, 2014 in Business, Fiction by James L. Paris

Even if you operate a very small home business, there are some good reasons to consider getting a business credit card. 1. Establishing credit for your business is an important milestone that might really pay off down the road. Whether it is taking the step to lease your first office space, or apply for terms with a supplier, your business credit will become a valuable asset. 2. Having a business credit card gives you a simple way of segregating your business and personal expenses. 3. Business Full Article [...]

Poppy’s Corner

September 16, 2013 in Fiction by Terry C. Markoff

This children's book I entitled The Dragon Who Became a Boy Scout. I believe you will find it to be a wonderful addition to your collection of bedtime stories or just read by your child(ren) for their own enjoyment. Once upon a time, a golden dragon flew high above a vast forest. No one knows where he came from or why he chose to stop in midair and hover over the beautiful valley below. Maybe it was the trees whose leaves were already beginning to turn all shades of reds, yellows, and oranges Full Article [...]