Dan Harris, Author Of 10 Percent Happier, Joins Jim Paris Live

February 11, 2015 in Lifestyle, Personal Growth, Religion by James L. Paris

ABC News anchor, Dan Harris, joins Jim Paris Live to discuss his book 10 Percent Happier. Harris shares his story of dealing with anxiety and panic attacks and how he found an answer through meditation. He also discusses his role as a religion reporter for ABC News, including his coverage of the Ted Haggard story.

The 90 Day Plan That Will Change Your Life

October 28, 2014 in Lifestyle by James L. Paris

http://www.christianmoney.com Joel Fotinos, author of My Life Contract, joined Jim for the hour. Fotinos is a follower of the Napoleon Hill Think And Grow Rich teachings. His book takes the concept and puts it into a 90 day planner. How to overcome your fears, reach your goals, and change your life, in just 90 days. http://www.joelfotinos.com Full Article [...]

Not My Mother’s Meatloaf – Improve your Life

September 7, 2014 in Lifestyle, Personal Growth by improve-your-life

Our memories show us ways to improve our life and a good meal reminds us of a lot. Growing up, my mother used to make meatloaf following the recipe on the Quaker Oats container. It used oatmeal (of course if it’s from Quaker!), tomato juice and other seasonings. I really like meatloaf – in fact, put it along with acorn squash and baked potatoes, you have my favorite meal. Well, kind of. In my 20s, a boyfriend’s mother used barbeque sauce instead of tomato juice. Ummmm. I now use BBQ sauce. Full Article [...]

Check Engine Light Does Not Have To Cost You Big Bucks

September 6, 2014 in Lifestyle by James L. Paris

The dreaded 'check engine light' can really ruin your day. In my circle of family and friends I find that most people overreact and end up in a panic mode, emptying their wallet at the first repair shop they can find. First, most vehicles (check your manual) have two levels of check engine warnings. The first level warning is a solid light. This means you have an issue to address but it is not an emergency. You don't need to become hysterical, pull off to the side of the road, or drive to the Full Article [...]

Meaning of life

August 30, 2014 in Christian Living, Health & Fitness, Lifestyle, Medical, Personal Growth, Relationships, Religion by Terry Miller

The following is taken from one of the chapters in my latest ebook: "21 calls to ACTION for spiritual growth". It is found on: https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/459831 as well as at Barnes & Noble. Take a FREE sample look at it. Better yet, purchase it for $2.99. 2009, I was diagnosed with recurrence of bladder cancer. My friend, Larry was also fighting the battle with the "Big C". Oh, how I remember and cherish the times Larry and I shared talking about our respective concerns Full Article [...]