TV Star Offers To Help You Get Rich In Real Estate

December 13, 2014 in Finance, News, Real Estate by James L. Paris

I have been hearing quite a few radio ads lately from real estate guru Than Merrill. He was featured in seasons three and four of the A&E TV show Flip This House. Merrill was also a notable college football star that was drafted by the Tampa Bay Bucs in 2001. His NFL career ended in 2003 when he suffered a knee injury.   The ad (voiced by Merrill) says that he is looking to add people to his real estate investing team, and that his flipping opportunity is ideal for the (insert city name) Full Article [...]

Burt Reynolds Holds Massive Sale To Pay Debts

December 8, 2014 in Finance, News, Real Estate by James L. Paris

On this episode Jim discusses Burt Reynolds financial problems. Reynolds is selling off more than 600 items through one of the largest auctions of its kind. Burt Reynolds is losing his home to foreclosure and is being sued by ex-wife Loni Anderson for unpaid support payments from their divorce settlement. Rush Limbaugh pays $500,000 per in in property taxes on his Palm Beach estate. New York Taxi medallion values plummeting as Internet based ride sharing services take hold. Why 2015 should be a Full Article [...]

Radio Host Faces 30 Years In Prison For Mortgage Scam

October 28, 2014 in News, Real Estate by James L. Paris

He called himself the 'People's Lawyer' and claimed that his nationally syndicated radio show had 3 million listeners. His name is Warren Ballentine, and it took a jury less than 90 minutes today to convict him on six counts related to a $10 million dollar mortgage scam.  Ballentine was not expecting a guilty verdict. Reports are that he was calling this vindication week, and both he and his 35,000 Facebook followers expected an acquittal. The allegations against Ballentine were that he used Full Article [...]

Pros and Cons of Condo Living (X)

December 1, 2013 in Real Estate by KIDDING, RIGHT?

And speaking of having no garage in which to store stuff, it goes without saying that you could never have garage sales the way house owners can, which is quite a drag.  In fact, the entire issue of “stuff transportation” is generally more problematic for the condo owner compared to the house owner.  Let’s begin with the issue of transporting the living creatures in your home including yourself, family and pets.  The house owner merely has to walk a few steps to the door to the garage, unlock Full Article [...]