When Technology Fails – Surviving A Power Outage

July 22, 2014 in Survival by James L. Paris

http://www.christianmoney.com Will You Survive When The Power Goes Off? Author Matthew Stein joins Jim Paris Live to discuss his book, When Technology Fails. Stein shares the real life consequences of an extended power outage, including the loss of cell phones, Internet service, gas stations not able to turn pumps on, grocery supply chain drying up, and the possible meltdown of nuclear power plants. Full Article [...]

Help and Relief Going Out to the Philippines for Such a Time as This

November 17, 2013 in Survival by nursechat

Are you called to provide relief and deliverance to these people? This is an abbreviated summary of who is doing what to help out in this desperate situation. At the bottom you will find a list of organizations that allow for online donating and other ways to get involved should you desire. You would think that world peace could be birthed from so many countries coming together to help the suffering in one area. The news says Japan is sending over 1000 soldiers to the Philippines to provide Full Article [...]

“Thieves” Essential Oil – What’s in a name???

July 24, 2013 in Christian Living, Family, Health & Fitness, Personal Growth, Shopping, Survival by essential-oils-for-health-and-home

I woke up one Saturday morning with the worst tooth pain ever!!!  Actually, I was up all night with the worst tooth pain ever, so I texted the church choir and told them we would not be having choir practice that next morning.  How many of us know that when we have tooth pain it's so horrible that you'd rather be giving birth?  I will be the first to raise my hand!!!  I hadn't gotten my oils kit in yet but still really wanted to get my hands on some Thieves oil! Thieves Therapeutic Grade Full Article [...]

When Moving Further “Off the Grid,” Remember That the IRS is Lurking

July 9, 2013 in Survival by James L. Paris

We talk a lot about running a business as a self-employed person when you’re survival-oriented. The reason is simple: Survival-oriented people are, by nature, those who constantly look for ways to live “off the grid,” and a big part of living that way involves cultivating a way to earn money that does not require one to participate in the mainstream employer-employee relationship - that’s understandable, to be sure, but if you do go down this road, remain mindful of the IRS’s particular Full Article [...]

Strength in Numbers

July 3, 2013 in Survival by Robert Yetman

When we think of survivalism, our first mental impression is often that of the single family, toughing it out in a simple cabin in the wilderness. The reality, though, is that when a survival situation arises, not all of us will have the means to travel to the American “outback,” nor, for that matter, be inclined to do so. Accordingly, chances are very high that your survival environment will be characterized by something more urban, to include large numbers of people in your immediate surroundings. Full Article [...]