Save Thousands By Switching To A Prepaid Cell Phone Plan

January 21, 2015 in Finance, Shopping, Technology by James L. Paris

Jim discusses his move from an AT&T contract cell phone plan to a Virgin Wireless prepaid plan. Why he switched and how much money he will save. The low price of gas has given lawmakers the idea that they can raise fuel taxes. A gallon of gas already includes about 50 cents in taxes. Jim is outraged that there is now talk about increasing fuel taxes beyond current levels. Full Article [...]

Making The Decision To Go With A Prepaid Cell Phone

January 18, 2015 in Finance, Shopping, Technology by James L. Paris

Prepaid cell phones are no longer just for those with bad credit. You will also find prepaid cell phone equipment options very similar to their contract phone competitors. Like many families, we have been on a contract for many years with our cell phones. As our children reached high school age, we ended up with a contract plan with 5 phones on it. Over the years the bill has grown to point that something simply had to be done, and our kids are now all young adults. Why Contract Phone Arrangements Full Article [...]

New Options For Home Security

December 13, 2014 in News, Technology by James L. Paris

The Internet is changing yet another industry; home security. Traditional alarm companies are notorious for locking people into three year monitoring contracts. Most also promote a 'free alarm' or $99 alarm system, only to upsell homeowners into several thousand dollar packages. In many ways, the industry operates like the old days of the car business.  The New Home Security Model Each family has its own security needs and many are finding the answer in low cost plug and play alarm system. Full Article [...]

Grabbing Another Chromecast For $23

December 8, 2014 in Finance, Technology by James L. Paris

Many of you know that I dropped cable TV over a year ago now. We use a ROKU box to access our programming via the Internet. Several months ago I bought the Google Chromecast device, which allows me to stream content directly from my smartphone, tablet, desktop or laptop computer, directly to my TV. Honestly, I bought it not really knowing how much I would use it or how it might complement my ROKU. It is very easy to set up - just plug it into the wall and then into an available HDMI slot in Full Article [...]

$25 Unlimited Talk, Text, And Data – Cell Phone Deal

October 23, 2014 in Finance, Technology by James L. Paris

Republic Wireless is probably one of those cell phone companies you have never heard of. They are really growing in popularity among those looking for a bargain cell phone. What makes them unique is that their phones use both the Sprint Network and WiFi (when available). They even have a $5 WiFi only phone plan.  There is quite a lot of buzz right now about their 3G plus WiFi unlimited text, data, and calling plan for just $25. You do have to buy one of their phones, which start at $99. There Full Article [...]