1. How Is This Different Than Blogging On My Own?

Many contributors may still want to maintain their own blog at their unique URL, but by contributing to the InfoFaucet.com community you benefit from the wave of traffic produced by the synergy of multiple blogs on multiple topics at the same location.  For example, someone may come to InfoFaucet.com looking for a money management article and end up seeing an interesting health and fitness post that catches their attention.  As more and more blogs and websites are added to the Internet each day, the challenge is not just great content but a chance for your content to be seen.  Just like independent retailers find it much more advantageous to set up shop in a plaza or mall rather than a stand alone building on the outskirts of town, you are establishing your blog where the traffic already exists.  This is why InfoFaucet.com makes complete sense.

2.  How Do I Make Money?

Contributors are able to insert up to three ad blocks into each of their blog posts.  Our training will show you how to find valuable affiliate and pay per click networks to partner with.  You keep 100% of the money earned from your individual blog.  You simply use your own affiliate account HTML code and your affiliate partners pay you directly.  If you need help on how to insert your ad, no worries, that is what we are here for.

3.  Can I Change The Name Of My Blog?

It is very important that you carefully select the name of your blog (username) as you will not be able to change it without losing all of the content you have posted.  We suggest using your generic niche topic in your username (e.g. ScubaDiving, GuitarLessons, Photography, etc…).

4.  What If I Have Questions, How Do I Get Help?

Click on the ‘Contributor Training Zone’ button at the top of the home page and after logging in. There you will gain access to our support ticket system.  We almost always answer support tickets within the same day, but we ask that you allow up to 24 hours for an answer (especially on weekends and holidays).

5.  What Kind Of Questions Can I Get Help With?

You can ask our Internet geniuses anything having to do with how to make your Internet business successful.  This even includes obscure topics like how to deal with your taxes as an Internet business owner.  You may need help on content creation, how to select your niche, how to get more traffic, or what affiliate opportunities make sense based on your blog topic.  If we don’t know the answer, we will get it for you.  Put us to the test!

6.  What Type Of Advertising And Promotion With InfoFaucet.com Do For Me?

Ten percent of all the monthly contributor fees will be used to issue press releases and purchase advertising campaigns (such as on Google Adwords).  The promotion will usually be of a general nature that promotes the entire site, but we may on occasion choose to highlight individual blogs and bloggers.  Remember, though, that all traffic still ends up at the same place – InfoFaucet.com.