Marriage Is Like Getting New Carpet

November 15, 2015 in Christian Living, Marriage, Relationships by Lon

Marriage and married life comes in multi rolls (roles) like those big ones you see in a carpet store. Stacks and stacks of various materials, fibers, and textures – just like looking through reams and reams of carpet.  And the best part is that you get to choose what makes you feel good just like in a successful marriage.

“ Marriage is an institution, but who wants to live in an institution?”  Unknown Source

You want everything in your life to look good and make you feel good...right? So, how do you go about making that happen? Could it be as easy as going down to the local carpet store and seeing what looks and feels good to you? Maybe. An easy question to answer if you relate your married life to picking out carpet! But of course we all know that married life is not like getting new carpet. Sure the similarities can be staggering, and the choices of partners and how you plan to have a long and lasting life together can be just as staggering. Depending on what you want to cover your path in married life with, you go for something quite durable, something thick and plush maybe to make you feel comfortable, something that can handle the rough traffic that will be coming in and out of your relationship.
There are many things that you will encounter in married life that you will have to walk over so to speak to get you from one place to another in your relationship. From time to time you will need to replace the carpet(s) in your life. When you go to wherever you plan to get this new carpet (usually deep down within yourself), you usually get the sales pitch that goes with it. More times than not it is designed to find out about you and your habits, those wearing traffic patterns if you will, and just what is going to make you indeed feel good about having a happy successful marriage.
As for your married life, you are the carpet salesman and if you really want something that's going to be successful under are going to have to be the one to ask those probing questions. The very questions from well within yourself that you know a person has not even thought of, finding the truth about yourself to know if you are going to be satisfied with that new life carpet realizing that it will be covering the foundation for you marriage. Remember, that foundation may be dull and drab concrete but it looks pretty good when you cover it with a long lasting, long wearing fine and durable carpet with the right support padding. So, yeah...go get yourself some brand new thought patterns about your marriage. Check out the many splendid things that can cover your relationship foundation beautifully. You can even call these thoughts…the new carpet of your own very successful married life.

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