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October 24, 2015 in Christian Living, Marriage, Relationships by Lon

Everyone has the right to dream...after have a successful marriage, the larger your dreams, the bigger your life. And living is what we are all about here at Marriage Tips 4Life. When you first going through those formalization's of marriage, there was sooo much to consider even though you both had different dream states throughout the process. We’re not necessarily talking about the details of just choosing china patterns or bridesmaids dresses and my was much more scary than any of that!
Think about it. You live your life day to day thinking of things to make your already successful marriage even better. Things you want to do, places you want to go. I doubt that you rarely thought about people you wanted to meet and spend the rest of your life with. I know there are stories of people finding each other at very some early stages in life and living their lives only wanting to be with each other forever. The reason I didn't put "people you want to meet" on the list with things to do and places to go, is because when you're dreaming about those things, you really were not thinking about people. You just wanted the adventure that life had to offer.
Now if it is the "people" that you find yourself attracted to...then all the better. With me it was the relationship of history, architecture and foods from of distant places... and not necessarily in that order. Whether in marriage or climbing the steps of a long lost vine covered temple or eating deep fried, boiled or baked whatchamacallit...that is the whole point to living,right?! It's the adventure of it all.
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Now you have to also admit that if you are or were enjoying any of those exercises, it is rather nice to be doing it with someone that enjoys it as much as you do. A happy and successful marriage. Live your dream! It has been 35+ plus years of some very nice dreams for us. Oh yes, of course one has to include the nightmares of the relationship as well. But we are not here to dwell on those...besides most of them were probably the result of some exotic rich food anyway eaten late at nite...or perhaps one of those experimental dishes she saw on the food channel! Hopes dream and desires of the heart are indeed one of the best foundations for marriage. So, if you're thinking or dreaming about your forever together, by all means GO FOR IT! Your dreams are your ticket out....your ticket to paradise...your ticket to the big top. Get to know them. Learn to live them. Dream big and by all means...dream often. Stay thirsty for a happy and successful marriage.
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