Marriage Tips 4Life Pair Of Dice

December 13, 2015 in Christian Living, Marriage, Relationships by Lon

In a good and healthy marriage you rise and shine each and every beautiful day with the one you love... at this time you can say your life is truly like being in paradise. But then again, sometimes those day to day marriage routines get tossed around and things happen and it becomes more like throwing a pair of dice. It’s a crap shoot…a life dice terminology…you don’t know what you’re going to get.

When a match has equal partners then I fear not.” Aeschylus

I would not be so crass as to say that anyone’s marriage is a crap shoot, however there are those that treat it like the very same game as a toss of the die. Taking a chance or a gamble on your life’s emotions can be quite a dare that can easily lead to marriage and life problems.
There is no need to toss the die (or gamble with you marriage) to see where you land in our marriage tips 4life scenario. When you and your mate are true partners in a team effort to score the big points, the real challenge is…just what game are you even playing? Taking a chance or tossing the roll of the die is not the most optimum of choices in making many a good marriage decision. Reasoning has found that out as they say…the hard way. It was one of those she said versus I thought she said kind of scenarios that goes back to the basic communication in marriage or as I prefer to state it…a slight miscommunication or deficit in attention on my part.
When you are told to do something, it is often not a matter of necessarily not wanting to do is just the way the message is delivered. Asking takes on as many forms of conveyance as there are personalities that do the asking. In
other words ask nice and chances are you will get done what needs to be done as opposed to making demands and getting into the proverbial discussions that lead to a lot less than true wedded bliss! In a successful marriage, this is where those messages may not even get delivered to the brain let alone comprehend what the challenge or job even is...and when it comes with a tone or attitude  attached, you are really taking a gamble with a wild toss of the dice that is not going to lead you anywhere near what can be called a marriage paradise!
If you want your marriage to be successful and have all the glitz and glitter of a Hollywood movie or Las Vegas show, don't depend on throwing the dice and hoping for a good roll to get you there. A good and successful married life can have all the makings of a fairytale romance when and only when you listen to the other matter how right you may think you are … or how wrong you know that they are. In a happy and successful marriage, have traveled to both ends of this little spectrum ...and neither paradise nor even a pair of dice... can come close to the 35 plus years of married life that we have made it to in our journey of enchantment thus far.

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