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December 30, 2015 in Christian Living, Marriage, Relationships by Lon

In comparison, a horse trainer is a picture of financial brokenness in that the wild stallion is wanting its independence but instead has to give in to being tamed and ridden for the first time. It did not want to submit, and it did not want to do what it was told to do. Kind of like when a marriage starts to go off track. Remember those old westerns on TV and you identify with the wild roaming mustangs (horses) that had to be captured and tamed for the cowboys to be able to do their work, then you have seen a picture of true marital brokenness.

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That makes you the horse trainer in your relationship brokenness. In our version of being a horse trainer, the marriage beast that is your burden enjoys you feeding it, keeping its trough filled with fresh lies and untruths and allowing it to go out and completely take over your life. Like placing a saddle on the back of a wild horse and trying to put a harness over it's head, being in a successful marriage has done all the hard work for you! All you have to do is be true to your passions and the love of your spouse. However, if you have watched a horse being broken, you know that the cowboy has more sense than to take a new horse that has never been ridden and just toss a saddle on its back.
As a horse trainer, for days, the animal may be led around a pen as it adjusts to the pressure of wearing a harness and the conditions surrounding its changing lifestyle. Only then does the saddle come out (having a plan) of the tack room and is placed on the horse's back - but without a rider.

When you begin the ride of your life in your new relationship to a successful marriage, just like the cowboy, you put a foot in one of the stirrups during this horse training and the bond of success begins. Now you can really enjoy that new found relationship as the horse trainer in married life. But the difference for you and you as a horse trainer is the time, care and love you use in breaking your marital stallion.

The initial shock for the horse of having someone on its back is a little frightening and irritating. (kind of like you struggling to make your marriage work.) The animal begins to buck and rears its head before it begins to settle down and trot around the pen. However, some horses refuse to be broken and are at the risk of being sold... another way to handle the frustrations in the relationship and your ultimately giving up and quitting.

However, now is a perfect time to take control of the wild stallion in your marriage. When the relationship becomes something you's no longer a horse training session. You don't immediately toss a saddle on the back of your relationship to break through the circumstances of life. Instead, even in a happy and successful marriage, you work with a plan and goal in mind. Bit-by-bit and inch-by-inch, being a successful horse trainer brings you to a place where you can have and live a life that will be good for the both of you... and can be a blessing to your family and others.

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